Smartphone wars: The Gold club

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Smartphone wars: The Gold club

In September, Apple released the iPhone 5S which was rumoured to be available in an array of colours but instead was released with a champagne gold exterior, in addition to the new ‘space grey’ and ‘silver’.

However despite the gold exterior not being as big a hit with Apple fans as we might of expected (being the least popular of the 3 with only 27% of people purchasing the gold iPhone 5S), Apples rivals have brought out their own golden versions within their smartphone range.

First Samsung unveiled two limited edition Galaxy S4 smartphones in gold and pink, and gold and brown colour combinations which have been heavily criticised for how bad it looks compared to the elegant iPhone 5S.

Now HTC has revealed a gold version of the HTC One, joining the gold smartphone club alongside the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S4.

The gold HTC One shares the exact same specifications as the black, silver, blue and red HTC Ones with a 4.7inch, 1080p screen, 4MP Ultra Pixel camera and quad-core innards.

HTC haven’t released a price tag or release date yet, but they have confirmed it will be available across Europe on several different carriers.

So will you be joining the golden smartphone club or will you be sticking to one of the less blinged up versions? 

Troy Stanley