Siri will be able to answer calls and read

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Siri will be able to answer calls and read

You probably don’t use Siri as much as you thought you would but that might be changing very soon.

At the moment, Apple’s personal assistant Siri is more of a novelty than a useful tool you’d use daily. We’ve all ask Siri silly questions and had a good laugh playing around with it but it has never lived up to being an essential part of the iPhone. However it looks like that’s about to change…

Rumour has it, Apple are currently testing several new Siri features that will allow you to answer phone calls, transcribe voicemails and then deliver them to you in a text.

If this is true, then you won’t ever have to listen to voicemails again. This will be a very handy feature enabling iPhone users to be able to read voicemails instead of having to listen to them.

These new features are said to be part of the new system called “iCloud Voicemail” which is expected to be launched next year as a feature for iOS 10.

Voicemail transcription may not be new technology as Google Voice can already transcribe voicemails and send them to you via email but the advantage of the iCloud Voicemail is that it would work with your phone number and iCloud alone.

As for answering phone calls, Siri will have the ability to answer your phone call when you can’t and relay information about where you are and why you can’t pick up, with different possible responses for different people depending on what you want to say.

Despite having a year to wait until this cool new feature comes to the iPhone, we still have iOS 9 to look forward to which will be released within the next few months. With the iOS 9 update we expect to see a smarter Siri, which will learn from your habits, location, times and other elements enabling it to suggest apps, music, directions and more for you to use. So we can expect a more proactive assistant later this year. 

Luke Stanley