Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone May Have Three Screens

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Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone May Have Three Screens


The mythical Samsung Galaxy X smartphone has had quite a lot of leaks lately which suggests it could make an appearance very soon.

A new report has revealed that the foldable Galaxy X should be a three OLED screen device.

According to the latest reports, Samsung plan to give the Galaxy X three OLED panels to enable users to effectively turn the folding smartphone into a tablet.

The front of the device will supposedly come with two 3.5 inch screens which once folded out will become a 7 inch tablet. The back of the device will also have a 3.5 inch screen so that the device can be used when folded down.

Samsung reportedly said that the design of the Galaxy X will be finalised by June 2018, with production of the foldable smartphone beginning later on this year for a unveiling and release in 2019.

Samsung is expected to only be releasing around 100,000, as a test before producing the alien device on a larger scale.

Originally rumours regarding the Galaxy X featured a single screen that folds. However, the latest reports suggest that we multiple screen will likely hinge together, which will disappoint a lot of people who were expecting a seamless display.

Luke Stanley