Samsung has sold over 800,000 Smartwatches

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Samsung has sold over 800,000 Smartwatches

The Samsung smartwatch may have received a large number of negative reviews, but that hasn’t stopped them going on to sale over 800,000 smartwatches in just two months!  

Sales have supposedly exceeded the Samsungs expectations, leading to them increasing their sales promotions for the holiday period.

Many have debated about the actually number of devices sold saying that the 800,000 figure is actually the number of Smartwatches shipped to retailers, which if true would obviously mean customer’s sales are a lot lower. However Samsung has said that this smartwatch is “the most sold wearable watch available on the market”.

What can the Samsung smartwatch do?

  • Preview incoming texts
  • Conducts hands free calls through the built in speakers
  • Has voice command function allowing you to set alarms, draft massages, check weather, etc
  • Controls your music
  • Take pictures and record videos
  • It is a pedometer
  • If misplaced will beep, vibrate and illuminate to help you find it.
  • And of course a watch!

The device has failed to impress the critics, with many saying the price tag of £299 is a little steep considering the spec of the watch.

However will this be on your Christmas list? 

Troy Stanley