Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked

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There are an awful lot of rumours flying around the internet regarding Samsung’s up and coming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8 but in terms of facts, there’s very little to go on.

However, it looks like Samsung’s display building department, Samsung Display, may have leaked a preview of what the Galaxy S8 may look like in their latest YouTube video.

The company has released a series of videos demonstrating the quality of their new AMOLED displays, which features a smartphone with a massive screen that almost fills the entire face of the device.

As rumours already suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a screen similar to this, it has led many to believe that this could be the new Galaxy S8.

The smartphones design is very specific in the video and no other Samsung phone looks remotely like the one in the video.

If this is the Samsung Galaxy S8, here’s what we can expect to see from it:

  • No Home button
  • A edge to edge screen
  • A speaker at the top and bottom
  • A headphone jack
  • A USB-C connector
  • Extremely thin

All features have been previously rumoured for the Galaxy S8.

Of course, this smartphone may not be the Galaxy S8 and it could look completely different. However, the rumours regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 (which predates all of the videos) match up to the rumours pretty closely.

Other Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours:

With such a highly anticipated smartphone, there is obviously a lot of buzz. Here are all the most exciting rumours regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 –

 samsung s8 infinity screen.jpg

1) Infinity Screen – there is a lot of talk that Samsung will ditch the flat screen and introduce a double curved edge (like the one above).

2) Little to no bezel – the screen will cover the entire face of the screen which means there will be no bezel.

3) No home button – Samsung will do away with the physical home button and replace it with a digital one.

4) Iris scanner – according to the latest rumours, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will include an iris scanner (similar to the one on the discontinued Galaxy Note 7).

5) 4K display – it has been reported that it is likely to come with a 5.5 inch display which will cram in a 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160.

Stay tuned for all the latest regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8… 

Luke Stanley