Samsung Galaxy Note 5 released date announced

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 released date announced

You might not have to wait as long as you were expecting for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Samsung are apparently gearing up to launch their new smartphone alongside an S6 Edge+ a lot earlier than expected.

Traditionally, Samsung reveals its new Note range during IFA which is in early September; however it is now believed that Samsung will be bringing that release date forward and holding its launch event on the 12th August instead.

Samsung have supposedly brought the date forward in order to stand out from Apple’s next big release, the iPhone 6S (or 7) which is expected to be announced shortly after IFA.

Not only will they be announcing the Galaxy Note 5, rumour has it they will also be launching the Galaxy S6 Edge+, which is said to be a larger S6 Edge.

What can we expect from the Galaxy Note 5?

Lots of rumours have been flying around regarding the Galaxy Note 5 and previous leaks have suggested it will be a 6inch 4K screen, the handset will be made from glass and metal and it won’t have a microSD slot.

If the latter is true then I’m sure a lot of people will be disappointed but the rumour mill says that this will be the first Samsung smartphone to have a massive 4GB of RAM.

The Galaxy Note 5 will include Samsung’s first single-chip solution (the Exynos 7422), which crams in the processor, RAM, GPU and modem. If true, this will be the company’s most powerful processor to date.

The S6 Edge+ is likely to have an Exynos 7420 chip, along with 3GB of RAM. 

Reports suggest that both handsets will hit the shelves on the 21st August, so you don’t have to long to wait until you can get your hands on the new Samsung devices. 

Luke Stanley