Samsung Finally Reveals Its Foldable Phone

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Samsung Finally Reveals Its Foldable Phone


Last week, the world’s first foldable smartphone was unveiled. This week a major player has stepped into the ring and after years and years of rumours Samsung has unveiled their foldable phone.

Samsung revealed their Infinity Flex Display during its annual developer’s conference in San Francisco.  

The brief demonstration showed off the new flexible smartphone but it wasn’t the final finished product that will be released to the masses.

Samsung said they had disguised some elements of the phone’s design, however we got to see how the phone folded from a pocket-sized smartphone to a small tablet.  

The foldable display is made from a new material that Samsung created specifically for foldable devices. Supposedly, it can be folded “hundreds of thousands of times” without breaking.

The device in tablet form will have a display of 7.3 inches and will be able to support up to three apps at once. You will also be able to seamlessly move between both displays while using apps.

Unfortunately, this was only a brief demo and Samsung left a lot of questions unanswered regarding the foldable device, such as what it will be called, what the final product will look like and how much it will cost.

Samsung made it clear that the device onstage was only a prototype of the hardware which was used to demo the flexible display and won’t be what the final product will look like.

Foldable tech is very hot right now, with the FlexiPai foldable smartphone having been unveiled just last week and Huawei announcing that they are working on a foldable 5G phone.

However, despite the hype we are unsold on whether these devices will be a short-lived fad or not, as it is unclear whether there will be the software necessary to make them practical such as will developers build apps optimised for this type of device.

The Samsung Galaxy F or X will likely be launched at some point in 2019, but Samsung hasn’t confirmed any release dates at this time.

Check out Samsung demonstration of the foldable device below:

Luke Stanley