Resource Technique’s cloud software solutions – a fiercely independent option

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Resource Technique’s cloud software solutions – a fiercely independent option

Many Estate Agents will be waking up this week knowing that their office management systems are now owned by a property portal.

Zoopla has acquired the interests of the Property Software Group who own a number of software houses, supplying some 8,000 offices with IT management systems.

This creates a massive questionmark concerning the future of the control of the property and applicant data now guarded by the the property portal, which many of their new customers do not even currently subscribe to!

Questions over the influence that the new owners may have and concerns over pricing and preferential deals for Zoopla contributers are rife.

In the wake of these revelations, Resource Technique’s customers are breathing a sigh of relief that our software solutions have been fiercy independent for over 30 years and our cloud software is more comprehensively supported and upgraded than most of our competitors.

Our business is data and we have established transfer protocols with over 40 third parties including all of the major portals, many with ‘real time’ feeds in place.

Security is at the heart of our offering and we have robust service level agreements with Rackspace, a world leader in internet service provision.

If you have any concern over the ownership of your current software provider, or would just like to see what an alternative might look like, feel free to contact us or take a look at what our customers say about us