Public transport info now available on Google Maps

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Public transport info now available on Google Maps

Public transport may have a reputation of being unreliable but it is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get around.

However when you are in an unfamiliar place using public transport can be very difficult and confusing. Google Maps to the rescue!

Google Maps latest update has added UK public transport information for the whole country, making it a lot easier to find your way around.

The new Maps service has included over 17,000 different routes across the UK, with national rail and public transport information available at the click of a button. This service was already available in London but it has now been branched out to the rest of the country.

Google Maps now features route details for buses, tubes, trains, trams and even ferries.

With every journey, Google Maps will compare all available routes from all transport modes, which includes walking, buses and trains to see which route is the easiest and fastest to get you to your destination. You are also able to select the service with the minimum number of changes. When you have selected your preferred route Google will also tell you when to get off by showing you the stop on the map.

To make this all possible Google have added schedules from National Express and have partnered with Traveline to organise the information.

To use this new Transit Service, simply visit Google Maps, get directions for wherever you want to go and select Transit to view all possible public transport routes! 

Troy Stanley