No design changes for the next Apple Watch?

| Technology

The Apple Watch has been an extremely successful device for Apple, estimated to have sold 10.6 million units in 8 months last year.

However, with the first generation Apple Watch lacking a few key features that we were all hoping for, it is likely that the smartwatch sales will continue to decline until the release of the second generation device.  

The highly anticipated Apple Watch 2 is set to release later on this year, with Apple fans hoping for a significantly better device than its predecessor.

Although, analysts have said the second Apple Watch will only be an “S” update, following suit of the iPhone range.

According to Apple Insider, analysts have suggested that the Apple Watch will keep the current design intact and will only upgrade internal components. This means that the Apple Watch 2 is likely to be faster, have a better screen and a longer battery life, but will look exactly the same as the original.

Other upgrade rumours include a FaceTime video camera, more Wi-Fi capabilities, the ability to watch videos, reply to emails and possibly new model tiers.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise due to the fact the smartwatch market is still in its infancy and Apple are currently dominating a large share of the market so they aren’t likely to want to take any major risks.

Many smart wearables have failed in the past so Apple is likely to want to take the cautious approach to their next smartwatch device, even if it disappoints their fans who were expecting a bolder yearly update.

Apple hasn’t made any announcements regarding the Apple Watch 2 so this is obviously just speculation, but we expect Apple will release the next generation smartwatch alongside the iPhone 7 in the third quarter of 2016. 

Troy Stanley