Next Gen Apple Watch To Ditch Buttons

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Next Gen Apple Watch To Ditch Buttons


The latest reports suggest that Apple is planning on making the next generation of the Apple Watch a lot less clunky and a lot more slimline.

Apple’s smartwatch currently has a button and a digital crown on the side of the watch, however according to the latest reports Apple is planning on removing both buttons and replacing them with touch-sensitive pads.

The next generation Apple Watch will use touch-sensitive pads designed to respond to finger motions.

The change in design would follow suit with the latest iPhone’s which switched from traditional buttons to touch-sensitive pads.

The appearance of the Apple Watch won’t change a great deal; however, the physical button will be replaced with a solid-state button with haptic feedback (similar to the current iPhone home button).

The digital crown will still rotate but the button will respond to touch rather than physically pressing.

This change would come with a number of advantages, such as it will help to avoid a possible failure point on the device, it will make room for other components such as a bigger battery and will also make it more water resistant.

The removal of bulky mechanical parts should also enable Apple to make the device a little more slimline.

According to the report, this change could be unveiled later on this year, however it may not be released until 2019.

Luke Stanley