New iPad Pro Unveiled

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New iPad Pro Unveiled


The new iPad Pro has finally been revealed at a press conference in New York.

Apple unveiled two new iPad Pros and we are pleased to say that they aren’t just a simple refresh but total redesigns.

The new iPad Pro with Liquid Retina display comes in a 11-inch, which ranges from £769 for the 64GB model going up to £1,519 for the 1TB model and 12.9-inch, which starts at £969 going up to a massive £1,719.   

The devices are slightly bigger than their 9.7-inch and 10.5-inch predecessors but due to them virtually having no bezel, the tablets are much smaller than their predecessors as the display goes from edge to edge.

Both devices are also thinner, measuring in at 5.9mm thick compared to 7.5mm of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

They have also ditched the home button in favour of FaceID, just like the iPhone X did allowing for the devices to have almost edge to edge displays. The FaceID will also work whether you are holding it in portrait or landscape.

They have also ditched the Lightning connector in favour of USB-C ports, and although many may find this annoying as all the old accessories will no longer work, USB-C does allow for more flexibility in terms of what you can connect it to.

The headphone jack has also gone, meaning just like with the iPhone XS you have to either get Bluetooth headphones or buy the headphone dongle.

Not only did Apple unveil the new iPad Pros but also a completely redesigned £119 2nd generation Apple Pencil Stylus, that connects to the iPad magnetically for wireless charging.  

A new Smart Keyboard was also revealed which starts at £179 for the 11-inch iPad Pro.

Internally, the iPad Pros also had some major upgrades, which is now powered by Apple’s new A12X Bionic chip which is Apple most powerful chip ever made delivering graphics 2x faster and enables the devices to have a 10-hour battery life.

The new iPad Pros are available for pre-order today and will be release on 7th November.

Check out the video below:

Luke Stanley