Is the iPhone in trouble?

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Is the iPhone in trouble?

Despite Apple’s smartphone sales continuing to grow following the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C, Apple’s market share remains lower than this time last year, due to the growing competition.

According to the latest figures Apple now accounts for 43% of the US smartphone market and 30.6% of the UKs.

The iPhone 5S and 5C have been pretty successful but with the likes of Sony, LG and Nokia having made year-on-year share gains, it is becoming increasingly challenging for Apple to dominate as it once did.

Android still dominate the European market with a 69% market share and Windows phones are now the third largest operating system with 10% of the market, which has doubled since last year.  

Whereas Apple’s market share in the UK has decreased by almost 10%.

However the Smartphone market isn’t suffering at all, in the last 3 months 86% of devices sold were Smartphones.

Apple will struggle to turn this around with the increasing number rival smartphones but it hasn’t been bad news all round for Apple as their App Store sales soared over $10 billion last year, which is roughly how much they have made in the last 4 years combined from the App Store. Apple are said to have netted at least $3 billion from App sales in 2013. 

Troy Stanley