Is Apple already testing Li-Fi?

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Is Apple already testing Li-Fi?

It looks like Apple may already be preparing for a faster future after a tweet from a jailbreaker shows a mention of Li-Fi within the coding for iOS 9.1.

This mention of Li-Fi within the coding suggests Apple may already be working on including Li-Fi capabilities to its next generation iPhones as the current devices don’t have the hardware to support it.

View the tweet from @ktypfujibaya here.

This could mean that Apple is currently testing Li-Fi technology on the iPhone 7 which will be released later this year (likely September).

Li-Fi is an alternative technology that is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. Li-Fi uses infra-red and near ultraviolet spectrum instead of radio frequency waves to reach speeds of up to 224 Gigabits per second.

Amazingly, the same jailbreaker also uncovered a reference to the headphones in the beta coding for the iOS 9.3 update, which potentially confirms the rumours relating to Apple scrapping the headphone port

Luke Stanley