iPhones, iPads and Apple TV all expected to be revealed next month

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iPhones, iPads and Apple TV all expected to be revealed next month

A date still hasn’t been released for Apple’s next big event but if Apple are sticking with tradition then we can expect it to be sometime around September 9th.

But what can we expect from this year’s big reveal? The iPhone 6S or possibly iPhone 7 is pretty much guaranteed to be unveiled which is expected to be the same shape and size as the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, however it will come with enhanced features and functionality just in the shell of the old device (as with previous years).

These new features and enhancements are likely to be Force Touch, which is already a feature for the Apple Watch and the new MacBook Pros. Force Touch allows you to press harder on the screen to bring up more options and could be very cool for apps and games alike.

The new iPhone should also be a lot faster and more efficient and may come with some camera enhancements too.

Yet, everyone has been expecting the iPhone 6S (or 7) to be unveiled at this event so what else does Apple have up their sleeves?

Rumour has it, Apple is about to unveil its upgraded slimmer Apple TV box which features Siri and the App Store at the same event, along with their new range of iPads.

With the decline in tablet sales, Apple were expected to hold off until the 12.9inch iPad Pro was released next year, however speculation is that a new iPad Pro may be announced at next month’s big event.

If not we are likely to see some normal iPad upgrades to be unveiled next to the range of iPhones and Apple TV next month. 

Luke Stanley