iPhone's Hidden Tips and Tricks

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iPhone's Hidden Tips and Tricks

The iPhone has come a long way in the last 10 years but there are still a number of functions that iPhone users still don't know about.

Here are 6 useful features that are unknown to most iPhone users:

1) Take photos without touching the screen

If you have your Apple headphones connected to your iPhone, you are able to take photos by clicking the volume buttons.

This can make it a lot easy to take great phones.

2) Use the iPhone as a spirit level

Most of you are probably unaware that the iPhone doubles up as a spirit level. The app is pretty well hidden so unless you’ve really searched your iPhone you aren’t likely to have stumbled across it.

Simply go to the Compass app and swipe left to find your spirit level.

3) Turn off notification bubbles

Those red notification bubbles can be really annoying and clutter up your homepage. Luckily you can switch them off on all or some apps.

You can do this by going to Settings > Notifications > pick an app > switch off Badge App Icon.

4) Shake the device to undo mistake

You can quickly and easily undo a text mistake by just shake your iPhone from side to side.

You will have to enable this function by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > switch Shake to Undo on.

5) Take photos while filming

Whilst filming, you are also able to take photos at the same time without switching the settings.

All you have to do is tap the white circular button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to take photos and the video camera will keep on rolling.

6) Hide message previews

Having messages and notifications flash up in the centre of your screen can be annoying, especially if you have nosey people looking over your shoulder and reading your messages.

You can turn of preview messages by going to your Settings > Notifications > Messages (or any other app) > switch off the Show Preview option. 

Luke Stanley