iPhone Sales Hit Record-Breaking High

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iPhone Sales Hit Record-Breaking High

For the last three quarters iPhone shipments were on the decline, however in the final quarter of 2016 Apple set a new record for unit sales.

Apple sold 78.3 million iPhones, which bought in a massive $54.38 billion, up from 74.8 billion units the previous year.

As a whole, Apple brought in $78.35 billion (£62.3 billion) which is their best revenue performance for a quarter ever.

The record sales and increase in revenue also helped to boost their share prices by 3% in after-hours trading but the future may not be so bright for the tech giant as the statement highlights just how much Apple relies on iPhone sales and with the current global demand for smartphones slowing down and more and more cheaper Android alternatives hitting the market, experts believe that this is likely to reduce iPhone sales in the future.

However, this wasn’t Apple’s only record breaking sales, their other services including the App Store, Apple Watches and Macs saw an increase in sales too.

The App Store saw the main bulk of this with sales up 43% from the previous year quarter.

Apple also reached a big milestone for their music service, Apple Music, reaching 20 million subscribers as of December 2016.

And Apple Pay also saw a massive 500% increase from the previous year as it expanded its accessibility around the world.

The only major downfall was the sales of the iPad which was only 13.1 million units in the final quarter (a 19% drop in units), resulting in a 22% drop in revenue from the previous year.  

But not only did iPhone increase their iPhones sales, the iPhone sales in the final quarter helped Apple reclaim the crown for top smartphone seller for the first time since 2011, after beating Samsung’s 77.5 million sold units.

Although, the iPhone 7 sales most likely trumped Samsung this quarter after benefitting from the disastrous failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was pulled from the shelves due to being a fire risk just two months after its release.

We can expect to see big things from Apple this year as it is the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone. Can Apple top their iPhone sales again? We will have to wait and see… 

Luke Stanley