iPhone Sales Are Down But Profits Are Up

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iPhone Sales Are Down But Profits Are Up


The iPhone X hasn’t been the success that Apple was expecting but despite the iPhone X selling poorly compared to its predecessors; it isn’t the flop people are saying it is…

Analysts predicted that Apple would sale 53 million iPhones in the second quarter but it fell short only selling 52.2 million, which is a massive drop from the previous quarter of 77.3 million iPhone sales.

But despite the massive drop and coming in just shy of sales predictions, Apple’s revenue continued to grow.

Apple’s revenue from iPhone sales was up $5 billion, going from $33 billion to $38 billion, which shows us that Apple is generating significantly more money per iPhone compared to last year.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO confirmed this by crediting the iPhone X for its smartphone sales increase saying –

“Customers chose iPhone X more than any other iPhone each week in the March quarter, just as they did following its launch in the December quarter.”

He credited the Chinese market as a big iPhone X driver as well, and the device was the most popular smartphone in China this quarter.

He also stated that this is the first time a top of the line iPhone model was the most popular and that he “could not be prouder of the product”.

Luke Stanley