iPhone 8 Set For September Release

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iPhone 8 Set For September Release

After months and months of rumours regarding the highly anticipated next generation iPhone, we are now just one month away from its potential release.

Rumours have been flying around lately that the iPhone 8 will be delayed and it won’t be released in September as most of its predecessors have been.

However, Apple has now subtly hinted that the iPhone 8 release date won’t be set back.

In Apple’s earnings release, Apple stated that they were expecting to see earnings of $49 billion to $52 billion in revenue in the next quarter, which suggests Apple will be launching something big… the next generation iPhone.

We expect that the iPhone 8 will be unveiled in early September and launched a week or two afterwards.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook also said that Apple would have a “very exciting Fall” which many have interpreted to hint at the iPhone 8 as well.

At present, it’s unclear what we can expect to see this September. Most rumours lean towards a brand new redesigned iPhone, however until Apple unveils the next generation iPhone at the September event then its all speculation.  

Luke Stanley