iPhone 7 photos leaked

| Technology

As always, there have been many iPhone 7 rumours but as time draws nearer to the release of the next generation iPhone leaks are bound to happen.

The biggest rumours so far that have quite a lot of potential to come true is that Apple are planning to remove the headphone jack, that they are scrapping the 16GB option and that it’s going to have a new camera.

Multiple photos of the iPhone 7 have been leaked and the one thing that they seem to have in common is the camera.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are virtually the same, apart from the screen size and battery life, however if the rumours are true it looks like there will be another big difference between the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

These images leaked by reliable sources, shows us a redesigned camera and a very slight difference in design from the iPhone 6. The leaked image shows the rear of the device in rose gold and a much larger camera lens than the iPhone 6, which could significantly improve photo quality.   

The iPhone 7 looks like it will come with a single camera, whereas the iPhone 7 Plus is rumoured to come with a dual-camera on the back on the device.

The leaked image does show the iPhone 7 Plus with a two lens camera which would allow for an optical zoom-style feature.

The leaked images also seem to suggest that Apple is planning to remove the mute button as well which is likely to annoy fans.

Unfortunately, we won’t know the truth about the iPhone 7 until it is released later on this year. The previous four iPhone’s (not including the iPhone SE) have been released towards the end of September so we expect Apple will follow tradition.

Stay tuned for all the latest on the next generation iPhones! 

Luke Stanley