iPhone 6S rumours – bigger and faster

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iPhone 6S rumours – bigger and faster

Only months after the release of the slimmer, larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, there are now rumours flying around of what we can expect from the next generation iPhone 6S.

According to sources, Apples next generation iPhone will be named the iPhone 6S which is the traditional launch progression for Apple (iPhone 5, iPhone 5S). The iPhone 6S is expected to be packing twice the memory of the iPhone 6, which would have a great impact on the devices overall performance.

Specification rumours have also hit the web suggesting a more advanced camera and the Force Touch gesture, which features on the Apple Watch. The Force Touch will change functionality based on how long the user holds down a finger.

The best rumour so far, if it is true, is that the iPhone 6S may include 2GB of LPDDR4-based RAM, which will highly improve the speed of the device, especially when it comes to multitasking and launching apps. The iPhone 6 only comes with 1GB of memory which is significantly less than Android competitors that come with 2GB to 4GB of RAM.

The rumour of more enhanced iPhone does back up the speculations that iOS 9 could be a bigger update than the transition from iOS 7 to iOS 8. iOS 9 is expected to have many new features which would fit with Apple iPhone process of S models having little hardware updates but a greater software update.

Rumours regarding the next generation iPhone have gone a bit quiet over the last few days with the highly anticipated launch of the Apple Watch just around the corning (this March) but if Apple are sticking to their traditional release dates we may have to wait until September before we get our hands on the iPhone 6S. However in the months leading up to this, the rumours are likely to get louder and more accurate so stay tuned for all the latest Apple rumours and speculations.  

Luke Stanley