iPhone 6: get ready for a new look

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iPhone 6: get ready for a new look

Apple’s next generation iPhone could be getting ready to launch this June, just nine months after the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C was released.

According to analysts, Apple is lined up to release the iPhone 6 at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

The next generation iPhone design is still a mystery but rumours suggest that it is likely to feature a 4.7inch, 1136 x 640 pixel display and a second, following in Androids footsteps, a larger 5.7inch iPhone phablet, which will be a first for Apple.

The success of larger smartphones (5 inches and larger) seems to have influenced Apple, bumping up the original 3.5inch iPhone to a slightly bigger 4inch screen with the iPhone 5 but if the rumours can be believed Apple may be enlarging the iPhone even more…

The release of two different screen sized iPhones would definitely break tradition, as would a smartphone launch at WWDC in June (which is usually focused towards software).

However the majority of rumours do claim that Apple is going to be increasing the screen size of the iPhone but the sizes have varied between 4.7 to 6inches.

As always it’s probably not the time to get too excited about the iPhone 6 but we will still keep you up-to-date with the latest rumours and gossips! 

Troy Stanley