iPad Pro going on sale in early November?

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iPad Pro going on sale in early November?

We know the iPad Pro is on its way but it is unclear just how close it is to hitting the shelves, however the latest reports suggest that it will go on sale in the first week of November.

The iPad Pro has was the highlight of this year’s iPad news but the unveiling of the massive 12.9 inch iPad Pro in September didn’t give any clues to when the huge tablet will hit the shelves. Apple recently has officially given a very vague release date of “Available November”.

Of course the reports about the iPad Pro going on sale in the first week of November aren’t official but it has supposedly come from sources in the Apple supply chain which means we may have less than a month to wait until we can get our hands on the gigantic tablet.

However, it looks like 2015 will be the year for the massive tablet/laptops, with Google having announced the release of the Pixel C and Microsoft is about to unveil a new generation of Surface tablets.

The iPad Pro also features an optional keyboard and stylus, although it will cost you more but would affectively turn the tablet into a small laptop. Amazingly, the iPad Pro’s screen is larger than the new MacBook’s screen so could persuade many to switch devices.

Apple haven’t confirmed the UK pricing for the iPad Pro yet, but the prices in the US start from $799 and go up to $1,079, which it gives us a pretty good idea of how much it will cost us. UK prices are likely to start at around £650… 

Luke Stanley