iOS 9.3 and it’s new features

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iOS 9.3 and it’s new features

A new iOS update is coming soon and it looks like it will be a big one. Apple has released a public beta version of iOS 9.3, along with a developer version of watchOS 2.2 and tvOS 9.2, all of which have some interesting new features that could have an impact on the way you use your Apple devices.

Night Shift

Night Shift has taken the spotlight amongst the new iOS features, which automatically shift the display to warmer colours at night, making it easier to read in the dark. Night Shift will activate based on your devices clock and geolocation to monitor when the local sunset is, otherwise you can use the schedule option to customise the time for when the light changes.


Notes will now be protected with the ability to lock the app via TouchID or password. You can also set passwords on a note by note basis and organise notes by Date edited, Date created or Title.


The News app will now be more tailored for your individual needs. The News app also comes with a few other new features such as landscape viewing and faster content uploading.


Still not used the Health app? Apple will now highlight third-party apps that you can connect to the Health Dashboard enabling you to keep tabs on your workouts, weight and sleep quality.

If you have an Apple Watch you will now be able to see the movement data it collects in the Health app.

Apple Watch

The watchOS 2.2 update will now allow multiple Apple Watches to be paired to one iPhone, which we can only assume is handy if you have different Apple Watches for different occasions.

You will now also be able to find local restaurants, shops and other places of interest via the Glances menu on the Maps.

Everything else

iOS 9.3 has many more small new features and improvements, such as 3D Touch shortcuts and a Siri update which now supports Finish, Hebrew and Malay.

Apple is yet to say when it will be released to the public but we expect the update will be rolled out within the next few weeks. 

Luke Stanley