Has Your Password Been Compromised?

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Has Your Password Been Compromised?


These days, given the frequency of data leaks and major site hacks it is likely that hackers already know some of your passwords, but don’t panic. Google now has a new tool that will let you know if your login information has been compromised.

If you use Google Chrome, you can now download Google’s Password Checkup extension which will trigger a warning if the password and username you are using to access a site with is one of over 4 billion credentials that Google knows is unsafe and will prompt the user to change the password.

The Google tool checks login credentials against a regularly updated database of more than four billion usernames and credentials.

Password Checkup will only alert you when all the information that is required to access your account has been exposed. The extension won’t bug you about outdated passwords or weak passwords, it will only alert you when both the username and password appear to be breached.

The tool is completely free and designed with privacy in mind so Google will never learn or reveal your usernames or passwords. Also, the data reported back to Google about the extension is anonymous.

Click here to download Password Checkup.

Luke Stanley