Google’s smartwatch is rumoured to be almost ready

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Google’s smartwatch is rumoured to be almost ready

We have expected for some time now that Google would be making a smartwatch to revival both Samsungs Galaxy gear (which has recently been launched) and Apple’s highly anticipated smartwatch which is rumoured to come out early next year but when Google confirmed that they had purchased Wimm, an android-based smartwatch maker back in September we knew Google were definitely getting close to announcing the release of their own smartwatch. However this announcement may come out a lot sooner than expected.

Rumour has it that Google’s smartwatch is near completion.

Sources suggest that Google plan to announce it alongside the release of their 4.4 version of the Android operating system, KitKat which could be as soon as the 31st October.

The smartwatch is said to be based around linking Google Now, a type of virtual assistant and sending all the relevant information from your smartphone to your wrist via the smartwatch. This means you could receive emails, appointment reminders, text, directions and lots of other data straight to your smartwatch.

Very little information has come out regarding the device but Google are said to be working on increasing the battery life of their smartwatch as well as adding Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

The eagerly awaited wrist-computer may just be around the corner. Would you want one for Christmas? 

Luke Stanley