Google Reveals Windows 10 Bug

| Technology

Google has once again flagged up a critical vulnerability within Windows 10 and Microsoft isn’t happy about it.

Google have said that hackers are already exploiting this bug.

Google have received some backlash from Microsoft for publicly flagging up the flaw within Windows, with them claiming it could put customers at risk.

Google says that they reported the bug to Microsoft 10 days ago (back on the 21st of October) but they have done nothing about it yet.

The bug itself can be used to bypass the security sandboxing in the Windows32K system.

Microsoft released a statement in retaliation to Google publicly announcing the bug saying,

"We believe in coordinated vulnerability disclosure, and today's disclosure by Google puts customers at potential risk".

However, they didn’t mention when a patch would be released.

Google has called out Microsoft on errors before back in January 2015 for two issues with Windows 8.1.

Microsoft are yet to release a patch for the Windows issue, but Google have said that they repaired the vulnerability for their Chrome users, and Adobe released an update for Flash last week.

Luke Stanley