Google opens up about self-driving car accidents

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Google opens up about self-driving car accidents

Driverless cars might be the future of driving as they seriously reduce traffic accidents, injuries and even deaths as they have been dubbed safer than human drivers, but at the moment they are just like every other car on the road and have been in a number of accidents.

Google has stated that their self-driving car has been in 11 accidents over the past six years of testing, despite their claims for improved safety.

However, the 11 accidents still doesn’t make them any less impressive or any less safe as Google says for one, all the accidents were minor and two, (more importantly) not a single accident was caused by the self-driving car.

Instead, all 11 accidents were the fault of other drivers that either rear-ended, side-swiped or drove through stop signs into Googles self-driving cars.

Google has recently opened up on some of the tricky situations the car has encountered over the years of testing and what they are doing to move the self-driving car project along.

Google also have promised to continue to drive these cars thousands of miles to better understand all the things that make us hate driving, and develop the self-driving car to take on this burden.

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Google has finally released their first Apple Watch App

With the release of the Apple Watch all were expecting Google to be among the first to release their own app for the wearable device but a Google app was curiously missing at the launch.

Google obviously profits from all platforms, not just their own, which led many to question why Google didn’t have an Apple Watch app.

However, now Google has finally released their new Apple Watch app: Google News and Weather.

This wasn’t the app we were expecting from Google for the Apple Watch, with more appealing apps expected like Google Maps or Gmail, both user favourites which would have been a lot more helpful for Apple Watch users but at least we know now that Google are developing apps for Apple’s wearable technology and not shunning it like some suspected.

So can we expect more from Google over the next few weeks or months?

Luke Stanley