Google launches new app to take on FaceTime

| Technology

Google has launched a new 1 to 1 video calling app called Duo.

It is Google’s response to the popular video calling apps out there such as Apple’s FaceTime, Facebook’s Messenger and Microsoft’s Skype.

Google Duo is very similar to all the other video calling apps around, however it does have one difference. It gives users a preview to see who’s calling before you answer.

Google has called this feature “Knock Knock”.

The app, which was announced earlier this year, has been released on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS as a free app.

Google states that the app is easy to use from start to finish and all you need is a phone number to reach people, just like FaceTime on iOS.

Although this isn’t the first time Google has offered video calling, which they have been doing through Google Plus Hangouts since 2013, the new app will be completely separate and won’t require getting a Google account to access it.

This app has been put in place as a simpler, faster and more reliable way to connect to your friends.

Google Duo will be available all around the world within the next few days. 

Luke Stanley