Google knocks Apple off the top spot

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Google knocks Apple off the top spot

Google’s parent company Alphabet has knocked Apple off the top spot as the world’s most valuable company.

Apple have held this title for the past five years, however Apple’s stocks have been steadily declining over the last few months while Apple investors are waiting for the companies next big thing, however Google stocks have continued to rise due to the increase in online advertising throughout 2015 allowing them to take the top spot.

Google’s parent company Alphabet is now worth $555 billion compared to Apple who are worth $531 billion.

Alphabet has quite a few business ventures under them, although the company still revolves primary around Google and its online advertising to make the majority of their profits, of which Google made a massive $23.4 billion in 2015 alone from online advertising which is a significant increase from the previous year.

This huge increase in share prices are mostly down to this being the first time Alphabet has separated their Google business ventures, which includes Google’s search engine and YouTube as well as their “other bets” business such as their self-driving cars and Google Glass.

And despite Alphabet’s other bets business costing them $3.6 billion last year, it does seem to matter too much to their investors, which is most like because of Alphabets massive profits from the Google side of the business. 

Luke Stanley