Google Chrome to Block Flash Completely

| Technology

Google have been pushing Adobe Flash out for a while now but it looks like Google as of September will disable Flash by default on their web browser completely in order to minimise it on Chrome.

Next month, Chrome 53 will begin to block Flash and Chrome 55 will make HTML5 the default in December.

However, that doesn’t mean Flash websites will disappear altogether. For websites that still use flash, users will just be prompted to enable the software.

Google have stated that they will no longer support Flash by default as HTML5 is much lighter and faster for loading websites and videos, meaning it will save users devices battery life.

Other web browsers such as Apple’s Safari are also blocking all Flash content so the end of Flash is very close.

Flash has been outdated technology for quite some time and is actually a security liability after it was found to have a security bug that enabled attackers to infect your Windows PCs with dangerous malware.

The hole was patched by Adobe but as with any dated technology, it leaves users very vulnerable.

HTML5 is the future, which Google and Apple agree on. It is faster, more efficient as well as safer meaning it delivers a better user experience all round. 

Luke Stanley