Foldable Smartphones coming 2016

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Foldable Smartphones coming 2016

Are Samsung going to lead the way with foldable technology?

Samsung has already shown us their ambition to break away from the norm by releasing the Galaxy Note Edge and the up and coming Galaxy S6 Edge. These two devices have broken away from the traditional flat screen with their curved edges but where could foldable technology take us?

Reports have suggested that representatives from Samsung Display claim that devices that can be folded and unfolded without damage could be commercialised by 2016.

“The industry believes that the commercialisation of foldable smartphones will be possible in 2016”

Although we can’t be sure how reliable this source is, Samsung recently have been pushing barriers on the flexible screens which would lead us to believe that Samsung would want to lead the way and be the first tech company to take advantage of this technology.

Samsung have been showing off flexible displays over the years, from as far back as 2008 but until recently there have been very few hints that the technology will be available for smartphone devices.

Check out this awesome concept video of what foldable technology could have to offer eventually - However, don’t be expecting this sort of technology to be possible by this time next year!

Don't get too excited by any of this, just because experts believe that foldable smartphones will be ready for production as early as 2016, doesn’t necessarily mean the tech companies will be willing to immediately devote themselves to this niche device. 

Luke Stanley