Fake Apple iOS Apps and How to Avoid Them

| Technology

Fake apps have found their way onto Apple’s iOS App Store which puts iOS users at risk.

These apps are targeting shoppers by imitating well-known businesses like Foot Locker but are actually harvest personal information and credit card numbers from users or locking their devices and demand a ransom to restore access.

Apple have already taken down hundreds of junk apps from its store after it was reported that there has been a rise in fake shopping apps set up to trick users into thinking they were associated with big brands.

This has come as a big shock to iOS users as the App Store has always been thought to be a safe place.

It is believed that Apple have let a lot of malicious apps slip through the cracks due to their app approval process having been dramatically changed over the last year to streamline the process and get apps approved much faster but with a lot less individual inspection than before.

This is obviously great for app developers as it means they can make changes and fix bugs faster, but it does mean that we are more likely to see these types of malicious apps slipping through more regularly.

Of course, Apple are doing everything they can to rid their App Store of all fake apps but here are some tips to help you avoid downloading these dodgy apps:

1) Look for obvious errors

Don’t rush to click the download button, first scan the app’s page for obvious mistakes. These types of apps are generally developed internationally, so you might notice small spelling errors, incorrect grammar or even odd characters within the app’s name or description.

2) Look for legitimacy

If you tap onto the apps page in the App Store, you’ll see the developer under the apps name. If you click on this you will be able to see what else they are offering. If the developer’s page is filled with other, unrelated or suspicious apps then don’t trust it.

3) Check reviews

The most obvious way to find out if the app is malicious is by looking at the reviews. If it doesn’t have any reviews or if it has a lot of reviews complaining about the app or ads, then don’t download.  


If you are still unsure, you can always look for official app links on the brands official website. Simply go to the brands website on your iOS device, click the app and it will redirect you to the App Store. This way you can be 100% sure it is genuine. 

Luke Stanley