Expect big Apple release this March

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Expect big Apple release this March

Although Apple are yet to announce their next event, there’s a lot of noise claiming Apple’s next event will be on the 15th March, showcasing their latest devices which is likely to include the new 4inch iPhone and the next generation iPad Air.

Surprisingly, there have been multiple reports also claiming that these new Apple devices will be available to buy just 3 days after the unveiling on the 18th March.

These reports come from reliable sources, who have said that the iPhone 5se and the iPad Air 3 will be unveiled on the 15th March and available to buy in stores on the 18th. Such a fast release date means pre-orders aren’t likely to happen, however both of these devices aren’t likely to be as sought after as Apple’s flagship devices such as the iPhone 7 or Apple Watch 2 (which are likely to released later on this year).

The iPhone 5se is reported to have a 4 inch display, look very similar to the iPhone 6/6s and come in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Space Grey as well as include a mixture of components from the iPhone 6 and 6s.

This means the iPhone 5se is likely to have the A9 and M9 co-processors just like the iPhone 6s as well as always-on Siri and a NFC chip for Apple Pay; however it is only like to have the iPhone 6 cameras. Reports have also suggested the new 4 inch device won’t have 3D Touch Display.

The iPad Air 3 isn’t likely to look that much different than the iPad Air 2; however we are likely to see some big upgrades. The iPad Air 3 will supposedly have an A9X chip, new cameras and a rear flash. We are also likely to see the Smart Connector from the iPad Pro, which means the iPad Air 3 could have a Smart Keyboard and possibly an Apple Pencil too.

Despite the Apple Watch 2 not making an appearance just yet, we are likely to see new Apple Watch bands which will include a space black Milanese loop, new sports band colours and nylon bands. 

Luke Stanley