Everything you need to know about WWDC 2016

| Technology

At WWDC 2016, Apple announced several major software updates that they are bringing to their devices.  

Here’s all you need to know about WWDC 2016:

1) iOS 10

The major announcement at WWDC 2016 was definitely iOS 10 and they are bringing some massive changes to it. Here are all the major updates to iOS:

Built-in apps

iOS 10 will now let you delete all major iOS built-in apps including Mail, Weather, Contact and most importantly Stocks off your iPhone.


The Messages app is becoming more emoji-friendly, making them 3 times bigger and easier to use.  

We will now also see features like replying to messages with full screen effects such as balloons and laser machines and you can now hide content with ‘invisible ink’ to make a more dramatic reveal.

We will also see rich links to a website which will display a headline and image, have the ability to play videos within the apps and send hand-written messages.


Siri is going to become smarter and a lot more useful with iOS 10. New features include being able to ask Siri to text via WeChat, Whatsapp or Slack, call someone via Skype and find an Uber.

This sort of thing has been opened up to developers so the possibilities are massive.

3D Touch is getting smarter

New lock screen features will make using your iPhone a lot easier. You can reply and keep track of messages and see other notifications without unlocking your iPhone.

Raise to wake

You no longer have to press any buttons to see your notifications with the raise to wake feature. This is controlled by motion sensors and will turn the screen on when you pick it up, allowing you to see notifications or the time without pressing any buttons.


Apple is adding a new app called Home which enables you to control your home if you have set it up with all the cool tech gadgets.

Apple music

Apple Music is getting a facelift in iOS 10 and will now be a lot cleaner, simpler and easier to use.

A smarter phone

iOS 10 will now check your calls through a third party extension before they get to you to see if they are spam. This means fewer nuisance calls for you to deal with.  

It will also transcribe your voicemails and send them to you.

Apple Maps

Apple definitely hasn’t given up on Apple Maps. You can now browse for a restaurants using the app, make a reservation using OpenTable, book an Uber to get there and pay for the journey using Apple Pay (all without leaving Maps apps).

It is also becoming more proactive by using information it already knows about you, for example if you have booked into your calendar to be at a certain location, it will automatically mark that place when you open up the Maps nearby.

2) macOS

macOS has also had a major update. Macs will now be fully Siri integrated, enabling you to search for files and the internet, play music and make calls.

Apple Pay also comes to the web, which means you can pay for thing in Safari using your iPhone’s TouchID or Apple Watch.

3) WatchOS 3

Apple Watch apps will now open 7 times faster than they currently do.

‘Scribble’ is a new feature that allows you to reply to messages on the Watch screen by writing one letter at a time.

4) Apple tvOS 2  

Apple TV can now be controlled using an Apple TV Remote app.

And it has been given enhancements to search through Siri. 

Luke Stanley