Everything You Need To Know About 5G

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Everything You Need To Know About 5G


You will soon be hearing about 5G a lot more, as it looks like we are getting closer to having ultra-fast 5G in the UK.

EE have already begun testing and the 5G spectrum is expected to go on auction in the first half of 2018.

So what do we need to know about 5G?

1) It’s FAST

This may be obvious but what isn’t obvious is just how fast 5G really is compared to 4G.

5G will not only be a lot faster than 4G, it will also be significantly faster than your broadband connection too.

The original testing of 5G in the UK reached speeds of 2,800Mbps, compared to 4G speeds which peak at about 50Mbps (usually averaging around 8Mbps).

And the UK’s average broadband speed is around 16.51Mbps.

You can expect to see gigabit speeds with 5G.

2) It will support more

Speed is great but have you ever been to a large event where your 4G connection has slowed down considerably or stopped working all together?

This is because 4G networks can only support so many devices before it overloads.

5G networks will have a much higher capacity, which according to International Telecommunications Union's standards is required to be able to support up to a million devices per square kilometre.

3) 5G isn’t just for mobile

5G will be huge, not only for the mobile industry but for the whole technology industry. Wearables, virtual reality, PCs, self-driving cars, smart home devices, etc will all see significant improvements with 5G.

Even simple everyday tasks like checking social media or video calls are likely to improve drastically.

4) Expensive

Higher speeds will likely come at a significantly higher cost. Price estimates are expected to jump up by as much as £30 for 5G connectivity.

Prices will of course come down in years to come due to the number of devices and people using 5G but this isn’t likely to happen for a while.

5) 5G is still a while away

Although things are looking positive for 5G, and companies like EE and Vodafone have begun to run tests, no UK provider actually owns the 5G spectrum yet. This will supposedly be auctioned off some time in the first half of 2018 but no dates have been confirmed yet.

Once the auction is over, the 5G standards will need to be agreed and finalised and 5G will also require a lot of infrastructure such as mobile masts and high-speed internet cables.

With this in mind, we probably won’t see 5G until at least 2020.

Luke Stanley