Dumb Phone Sales On The Rise

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Dumb Phone Sales On The Rise


It turns out that more and more people are looking to disconnect from the advanced smart world technology that surrounds us in our daily lives for the simpler way to stay connected without being connected to the Internet.

Mobile phones that don’t have internet access and that can only make phone calls and send texts seem to be becoming more popular with a 5% increase in sales since last year.

Compared to Smartphone sales that only increased by 2%.

Not only are these “dumb phones” becoming more popular as a way for people to disconnect, they are also proving to be very popular among the less tech savvy people and older generations who find that smartphones are too complex for their needs.

Although only a small increase in sales, it isn’t surprising that more people want to switch off from digital world and settle for a much cheaper ‘dumb phone’ such as the Nokia 3310, which is currently selling for as little as £24.99!

Significantly cheaper than the latest smartphones that can cost several hundred pounds.

Also, the latest stats say that two in five people think they spend too long on their smartphones, which of course will have contributed to the rise in dumb phone sales.

But that doesn’t mean that the smartphone isn’t still as popular as ever with 92% of people saying having a mobile with internet connectivity is essential.

And that 78% of the British public say they could live without their smartphone.

Luke Stanley