Could Virtual Reality revolutionise Estate Agency

| Technology

Virtual Reality is no longer just about gaming; it has great potential for creating various tools for businesses to use.

Many businesses have already realised the potential Virtual Reality has for business and are increasingly coming up with new ways to integrate Virtual Reality to help businesses grow and promote themselves.

But how could Virtual Reality benefit Estate Agents in the future?

More immersive property listings

People are connected to the internet 24/7 and now expect to have their needs and requirements met instantly.

Your customers will always want more but Virtual Reality will enable you to exceed your customers’ expectations, allowing them to immerse themselves into the property in a more real and engaging way without leaving their homes. They will be able to view properties as if they were standing in it, letting them see it from all angles and make real judgements.


Your employees are crucial to your businesses success and it is your responsibility to keep them equipped with the right skills to help drive your business forward. However, it can be difficult and/or costly to let your staff leave the office for training days, etc.

Virtual Reality will create effective training possibilities without your employees having to leave the office.

Less travel, more interaction

Meetings will soon be revolutionised by Virtual Reality, allowing for realistic face-to-face meetings with clients or suppliers through a virtual experience. This will reduce the expense and effort of constantly having to travel to meetings without losing out on the interaction or the benefits of face-to-face engagement.  


Virtual Reality does open up unlimited possibilities for all industries, which is why it is very likely to be huge for the business world.

Of course, these technologies aren’t readily available right now but with more and more headsets being released (such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and later this year the PlayStation VR) and companies like Apple and Google developing new ways in which we can use Virtual Reality, it won’t be long until used within all aspects of business. 

Luke Stanley