Could this be what the iPhone 6 will look like?

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Could this be what the iPhone 6 will look like?

As always several next generation iPhone mock ups pop up online in the months running up to its release and they all seem to be pointing to a redesign.

But what will the iPhone 6 look like?

The iPhone 6 devices that have leaked onto the internet all seem to share the same rounded design and appears to be going fully aluminium.

It also still looks like Apple will be releasing two versions of the iPhone 6, the 4.7 inch smartphone and the 5.7inch phablet.

iphone 6 mock up.jpg

(These mockups have been based on accurate drawings leaked by Mac Fan and Feng)

The larger device looks to be so thin that the rear camera is actually protruding from the back of the base a little.

If this mockup proves to be based on the real thing, I doubt we will be disappointed with the iPhone 6. The device looks to be incredibly thin and has adapted a more comfortable rounded design.

Rumours also suggest that the iPhone 6 will be coated in crystal sapphire glass which means scratched iPhones will be a thing of the past.

iphone 6 concept.jpg

Expected release dates

This year, rumour has it that the next generation iPhone will break tradition not launch the iPhone 6 in September but in August instead.

Reports suggest Apple may be launching the iPhone 6 a month earlier as they plan to release the smaller 4.7inch iPhone in August and the larger 5.7inch phablet in September.

Stay tuned for more iPhone 6 updates… 

Troy Stanley