Could this be the new iPhone 6?

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Could this be the new iPhone 6?

Created by designer Martin Hajek, these designs show off a beautiful iPhone that is wafer thin. The designs have been based on leaked schematics, by a reasonably reliable source, meaning this could be what the next generation iPhone could look like!

When comparing the reported blueprints of the iPhone 6 leaked from China’s Foxconn factory (where they make the iPhone), it appears that the general shape and thinness of the prototype matches the concept designs.

iphone 6 part 2.jpg

The iPhone 6 prototype seems to be very similar to the iPod Touch, not only in shape and thickness but it also seems to come with a protruding camera. This protruding camera may be due to the extreme thinness of the iPhone but also could be due to the possibility of an interchangeable camera lenses.

And recently published Apple patent with the title “Bayonet attachment mechanisms” making it sound like interchangeable lenses could be part of the future iPhones, allowing users to screw different lenses for different effects.

These leaked blueprints and rumours about interchangeable cameras weren’t the only rumours going around, sources have suggested that two new iPhone models are in the works, according to reports Apple is now making two new devices, a 4.7 inch iPhone and a larger 5.5 inch phablet.

However the phablet won’t be available until several months after the smaller iPhone is released, which is due to complications with the touch sensitive element of the larger screen.

As always this information should be taken with a pinch of salt, but stayed tuned for more iPhone 6 news. 

Troy Stanley