Could Tesco’s be Apples new rivals?

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Could Tesco’s be Apples new rivals?

Tesco’s have announced that they will be launching their very own “high end” Android Smartphone by the end of the year. Philip Clarke, Tesco’s Chief Executive, confirmed the handset on BBC Radio 5, saying that it will come pre-installed with Tesco services, similar to the Tesco Hudl tablet that the supermarket launched last September.

Philip Clarke said that the Android run smartphone is designed to compete with “the best smartphones available”.  If this is true, this new device will compete amongst the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple’s iPhone, however Clarke also said that the smartphone will be aggressively priced, which will probably put it in the same position as the Nexus 5, which has a price tag around £200 less than the other high end Android Smartphones.

The Supermarket giant also plans to launch a smartphone based banking service but unfortunately no other details regarding the up and coming smartphone were revealed.

A new Hudl Tablet

Tesco’s have also announced the unveiling of the successor to the popular Hudl Tablet (which sold over 400,000 units in its first 3 months). Tesco’s are planning to launch a new, refreshed edition of its popular Hudl tablet, this September. The first budget Hudl tablet cost just £120 and exceeded expectations, performing very well. We can only imagine the new tablet will offer a similar low cost, durable and well performing device.

Luke Stanley