Broadband Speeds Up To 600 Times Faster

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Broadband Speeds Up To 600 Times Faster

Everyone hates slow internet speeds, whether it is in the office or at home.

The average broadband speed across the UK is just 16Mbps, but Samsung thinks that the next generation of mobile technology will hit speeds of 20Gbps which would be able to download a 4K movie in under a second!

Samsung is currently working on 5G technology that will bring faster internet speeds to smartphone users, however Samsung say that 5G could also beam super-fast broadband into homes around the world.

The tech giant plans to install its 5G network on lampposts that would beam the internet directly to receivers within customers’ homes. These “base stations” would be able to beam up to 25 4K streams into a house simultaneously.

Samsung aren’t just planning on boosting internet speeds in your home but also along train lines and within city centres to give fast internet connectivity while you are on the move.

Tests have already been carried out by Samsung in the US and UK, with London being the first to get the system installed.

The technology has already begun sending data across London at speeds of 1Gbps which is over 600 times faster than the current UK average.

Samsung has partnered with telecommunications company Arqiva to bring super-fast connectivity to the UK, with Arqiva CEO saying “5G will be a crucial pillar of the UK's economy in the 2020s”.

It is expected to be fully functional for some users by 2019.

Luke Stanley