Boost your Wi-Fi

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Boost your Wi-Fi


At times do you feel like your internet connection is rather sluggish? This may be an issue you are having in the office or at home but you don’t have to settle for slow internet speeds as there are ways to improve them.

Improving your Wi-Fi’s speed and range doesn’t require much time or effort; sometimes all it takes is a few small tweaks. Here are some quick fixes to get your internet connection reaching its full potential:

1) Change the channel

If your connection goes very slow at certain times of the day then it’s likely to be because everyone within a 100m radius of you is using the same Wi-Fi channel.

This will slow things down considerably but can be fixed in under a minute.

First, find the router’s address, this will usually be on the bottom of your router and will look something like, then simply type it into your web browser. Your channel settings will be in the Wi-Fi settings menu. You will then need to use an app like Network Analyzer or Wi-Fi analyser to see which channels are being used around you and this will help you decide which channels to change to.

2) Keep your router away from other gadgets

Other technologies don’t usually get on with routers. The RF and electrical interface from other gadgets can cause problems for your router, which in turn will slow down your Wi-Fi.

Keep your router away from your TV and other gadgets to be sure your router has no problems.

3) Centralise your router

Your Wi-Fi signal can only travel so far and if you are just within range it is likely to slow down your internet speeds, so having your router stuck in the corner will do you know favours.

Wi-Fi signals are sent out in all directions so if you centralise your router within your office or home you’ll get the best range from your router.

4) Use an Ethernet cable

If none of the above help, why not move your router nearer to you and use an Ethernet cable.

Long cables or extension cables are only a couple of pounds and you can even get flat ones which are easy to hide under the carpet.

Cables will always be a lot faster than Wi-Fi so if you are desperate it may be worth considering.  

Luke Stanley