Apple’s smartwatch may not be so smart

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Apple’s smartwatch may not be so smart

Many Apple fans were hoping for an iPhone equivalent for their wrist, but it seems they may be a little disappointed. It’s starting to look like the iWatch will be more of an accessory rather than a standalone device.

The latest rumours suggest that Apple’s smartwatch will depend heavily on being connected to an iPhone or iPad to achieve full functionality.

This disappointing news means no built-in Wi-Fi or SIM for quick browsing and making calls from your wrist. The iWatch is now expected to connect to Apple Devices by Bluetooth, which will enable it to receive text messages and other notifications, connect phone calls and to control the volume and music.

Previous rumours had also suggested a number of health aspects including blood sugar and hydration sensors, although now it looks like it will only include a calorie counter, motion tracking and possibly a vague stress monitor.

However fitness tracking is still expected to have quite a few features on the iWatch. Apple’s up and coming Healthbook app, that is going to be released with iOS 8 and is to be powered by the iPhone 6 and iWatch, is likely to have quite a few health-tracking elements, such as tracking your steps, calories burned, weight gained or lost, etc (similar to the Samsung Galaxy Health App). This app will be solely powered by the iPhone 6 though.

Apple fans may be disappointed with the news that the iWatch is likely to be an accessory over a primary Apple device but at least this means the battery life will be able to last days rather than hours! 

Troy Stanley