Apples plans for enhanced security

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Apples plans for enhanced security

It looks like Apple may be stepping up their game in terms of security. According to recent patient submitted by Apple, it appears that they are researching enhanced Touch ID security using finger motion tracking.

This patent shows us that Apple is interested in enhancing their security capabilities for the iPhone home button and Touch ID.

The new patent describes how the Touch ID sensor could be combined with an on-screen combination lock, which would require the user to manoeuvre their finger in a certain pattern on the Touch ID to unlock the device.

It also appear that Apple have been researching enhanced lock screen patterns, which requires the user to swipe through circles on the screen, drawing their finger in a specific pattern to unlock the iPhone. This type of lock has been used many times but Apple’s lock pattern come with a twist. Both of these lock technologies were created by AuthenTec and rely on a pattern combination allowing with a unique fingerprint to be able to gain access to the device.

apple lock.jpg

AththenTech was acquired by Apple in 2012; the company is behind the development of the ‘Smart Sensor’ technology which was basis for the Touch ID.

The Touch ID was applied to Apple products for security purposes and with a second simple-to-enter security code will greatly increase security for all your Apple devices as the security will rely on a combination of your physical authentication (your fingerprint) and a memory authentication (a lock combination or a swipe pattern). This would mean no Apple users could be forced to unlock the phone as could be done with a fingerprint alone. Nor can a passcode or pattern be copied to gain access without a fingerprint.

Although Apple patents are very rarely implemented into their products, it does give us some sort of insight into Apple’s mind-set and interests, including possible features in future devices. But what we can be certain of is that Touch ID security will continue to be enhanced for all Apple products. 

Luke Stanley