Apple Watch Series 2 - All You Need To Know

| Technology

Apple first released their original smartwatch back in April 2015, now almost 1 and a half years later they have finally released the Apple Watch 2 (called the Apple Watch Series 2).

The original didn’t reach everyone’s expectations but the sequel is actually quite a desirable sports watch.

Here are our favour new features that the Apple Watch 2 has to offer:

1) Its waterproof

The Apple Watch 2 has really stepped up in this department, as it is now water resistant up to 50metres (rather than just splash resistant) making it ideal for swimmers.

Apple says that they have developed the new watch with pro swimmers and you can use it in two modes – ‘swim’ and ‘open water swim’. These modes can calculate your pace, laps and calories burnt while swimming.

2) Built-in GPS

A much needed new feature allows you to accurately track your running without having to carry your iPhone in your pocket.

3) More Powerful

The Apple Watch 2 includes a dual-core processor that promises to make the watch 50% faster than its predecessor and a new GPU that gives it twice the graphics performance.  

4) Brighter Screen

The Apple Watch 2 comes with a new screen that is twice as bright as the original. It is also the brightest display of any Apple device.

This should mean that it is easier to see in the sunlight but also makes it much clearer to read in general.

5) New Models

Apple has once again teamed up with Nike to bring us the Apple Watch Nike+ which is virtually identical to the Apple Watch 2 apart from the “breathable” (holey) strap.  

The only real difference between the Apple Watch Nike+ and the Apple Watch 2 is that it is more focused on running.

And for those with deeper pockets and that are less-sporty, Apple has also released the Apple Watch Hermès which costs £1,249!

6) Release Date and Price

The Apple Watch Series 2 and the Apple Watch Nike+ prices start at £369, which is a little more expensive than its predecessor at £300.

And you are able to pre-order it now and it will be shipped late October.  

Luke Stanley