Apple Watch outsells all Android Watches combined

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Apple Watch outsells all Android Watches combined

Within the first weekend of the Apple Watch being available on pre-order, it had already outsold all of its closest rivals.

On the first day of release, estimates suggest Apple saw pre-orders reaching just under one million units.

The latest Apple Watch estimates after just under two weeks sees sales reaching 3 million, which comprises of  1.8 million Sports Watches, 1.2 million steel watches and 40,000 Edition watches, leading us to believe that this could be one of Apples most profitable products ever with a $2 billion revenue.

The space grey aluminium case is said to be the most popular, followed by stainless steel, silver aluminium and then space black stainless steel.

The black sports band strap was the most popular for the Sports Watch, which around 50% of orders was purchased, followed by the white sports band strap, then the more expensive Milanese loop.

Apple haven’t yet gone public with the official pre-order figures but if these estimates can be believed (and they aren’t likely to be too far off) it is extremely impressive when you consider just how many Android Wear devices have been sold to this date.

The last figures back at the end of 2014, estimated that Google’s Android Wear devices had sold around 720,000 units since its release in March 2014.

We don’t expect Apple to go public with their sales figures until the Apple Watch hits a big milestone (in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that milestone was 10 million devices), however they may publish sales figures around devices official release date, the 24th April, in order to generate more headlines to boost sales.

All we can say for certain is that it is clear that the Apple Watch is going to dominate wearable technology for a while, and Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that It's extraordinary, customers are giving us great feedback and orders have been great as well."

Luke Stanley