Apple Watch 3 Unveiled

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Apple Watch 3 Unveiled

Alongside the iPhone X, Apple also unveiled the Apple Watch 3 and released WatchOS 4 which has vastly improved the user experience and functionality of the device as well as bringing a number of much needed features/upgrades to the Apple Watch.

Here’s all you need to know:

1) Works Independently from the iPhone

This is the first Apple smartwatch to work completely independently from the iPhone. The device will also include 4G capabilities, GPS and mobile capabilities.

2) Design

The Apple Watch 3 is very similar in appearance to the old Apple Watches keeping the same 38mm and 42mm case sizes.

3) Makes Phone Calls

It will be the first Apple Watch to be able to receive calls, send messages and stay connected online for apps such as Maps and Music streaming without being near your iPhone.

The Apple Watch will also come with its own electronic SIM card so it can make calls independently.

4) Siri Can Now Talk

Siri can now respond to questions with its new and improved voice chat feature.

5) Apple Music

Apple Watch 3 users can now stream 40 million songs on their wrist. Apple also redesigned the music app and introduced a radio app so users can listen to Beats 1 radio station.

6) Improved Health/Activity/Heart Rate Tracker

WatchOS 4 is the Apple Watch’s new operating system and the update has improved the health and fitness tracking with new features such as auto-sets for swim workouts, improved heart rate tracking/algorithms for HIIT workouts and the ability to pair fitness app Gymkit with thousands of piece of gym equipment.

7)  New Colour

The Apple Watch 3 will come in the standard silver and space grey aluminium, as well as the new gold aluminium case.

8) New Straps

Apple has released several new watch strap colours across all their bands range.  

9) Price

The Apple Watch 3 will start at £329 for the 38mm without mobile capabilities, and £399 with mobile capabilities. And the 42mm Apple Watch will start at £359, going up to £429.

10) Available From

You can order the new Apple Watch 3 from the 15th September and it will be available from the 22nd September.

Luke Stanley