Apple Watch 2 Rumours

| Technology

It’s not long now until Apple’s big event and the rumour mill as always is going crazy.

It is believed that the Apple Watch 2 will make an appearance later on this year, potentially alongside the numerous iPhone’s that are expected to be unveiled next month.

Apple’s new wearable technology will supposedly boast new features including GPS tracking, faster performance and a bigger battery.

The two new versions of the Apple Watch will keep the same design as its predecessor, including same screen size and thickness but it will come with a number of much need new upgrades.

All the changes will be internal and is likely to include a GPS chip which will allow you to go for runs without the need to carry your iPhone, a barometer to calculate steps and a smaller TSMC chip.

It looks like Apple may be using the saved space from the smaller processor for a larger battery rather than slimming down the watch; however I can’t see many Apple Watch users complaining.

When will it be release?

The rumour is that the Smartwatch will be released in the second half of 2016, which potentially means it could be released alongside the iPhone 7 as soon as next month. 

Luke Stanley