Apple To Announce New Macs

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It looks like Apple may be gearing up to introduce a new range of Macs at their October event which is likely to be on the 27th, according to multiple sources.

These new Macs are also expected to be available this month too, so if you are shopping around for a new computer hold your horses.

Of course, rumours have been making their rounds around the internet so we can make a pretty good guess of what to expect from this Octobers Apple event…

MacBook Pro

We haven’t seen a major update to the MacBook Pro in 4 years and it is definitely overdue one but it looks like we may see a major MacBook Pro update this month.

We are expected to see a much thinner and lighter model, which will ditch all traditional ports in favour of USB-C connectivity.

However, the biggest design change will supposedly be the new OLED touch display.

Touch ID is also expected to come with the MacBook Pro this year, as well as Auto Unlock for Apple Watch users which will unlocked their Mac when their Apple Watch is in close proximity.

The MacBook Pro is likely to get a speed boost too, although it isn’t clear what sort of specs we are likely to see.

MacBook Air

Likely to be a rather small upgrade, the MacBook Air will probably look the same but come with a USB-C support.  

Apple may also discontinue the 11 inch model in favour of the 12 and 13 inch MacBook Air.


The iMac could be getting a small upgrade as well with some under-the-hood updates.

The biggest change to the iMac is likely to be to the graphics performance. Design and screen specification are expected to be the same but with an addition of USB-C.

External 5K Display

Apple could be planning on introducing a new 5K external display with a built-in GPU.

The display is expected to have a 5K resolution of 5120 x 2880, and will include a powerful internal GPU which will be able to assist lower-powered Macs.


We are also likely to hear more about Apple’s wireless AirPods as they are likely to announce an actual release date.

Apple announced the AirPods alongside the iPhone 7 and teased they would be available late October but we haven’t heard anything since.


The Mac event is expected to take place on the 27th October and is likely to be at Apple’s Cupertino campus. 

Luke Stanley